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  1. Origami Modern Leather Sofa-Bed - 2011-03-17 16:24:12-04
    Purveyors of high end design will appreciate the beautiful Origami Modern Leather Sofa-Bed  by Cattelan Italia. Available at Spacify, the sofa measures 80W x 38-46D x 33H and highlights how form and function are not mutually exclusive to each other. Feature: Upholstered sofa-bed covered in soft leather. Soft Leather Colors: Cream 997 Turtledove 950 Black 973 White 971 Dark Brown 89 Origami Modern Leather Sofa-Bed
  2. The Bird Alarm Clock - 2011-03-17 18:25:55-04
    Looking for a quirkily designed alarm clock? Then your search should end at the Bird Alarm Clock which is cute and  fun. Available in beige, this pale blue, or pale pink, this clock ” wakes you up comfortably in the morning with birdsongs and includes on/off switch function, and a display and button. the “Bird alarm clock” reads out the time by pushing the front switch and can be purchased online from here. The Bird Alarm Clock
  3. The Lumos One Arm Bench - 2011-03-17 20:28:03-04
    The Lumos One Arm Bench is an elegant daybed that can be placed in the living room or an office space thanks to its modern and minimalist design. It comes with a bolster pillow and is available in a number of wooden finishes like java, walnut, mahogany etc. Currently Spacify is offering a discount on it which means you can purchase it for $1,960.00 as opposed to the original $2,234.40. The Lumos One Arm Bench
  4. Pinzon 440-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Damask Stripe Duvet Set - 2011-03-18 12:51:39-04
    The Pinzon 440-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Damask Stripe Duvet Set is available in a number of colors and is currently on sale on Amazon. Selling for $63.84 after a 65% discount, the duvet set can be ordered in full or queen sizes  and both include one duvet cover and two standard shams. Made from 100 percent cotton, doubly woven with single-ply yarns in a 440-thread-count, the duvet features tone-on-tone stripes which add visual depth. Pinzon 440-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Damask Stripe Duvet Set
  5. Iglu 'Apple' Wicker Daybed - 2011-03-18 14:58:12-04
    If you like me absolutely love lounging around the pool then the Iglu 'Apple' wicker daybed is perfect for you. The daybed is shaped like wicker and is made of weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric.To enjoy a cool breeze, one can just remove the top part. The Iglu 'Apple' wicker daybed is also washable, maintenance free and 100% recyclable. Iglu 'Apple' Wicker Daybed
  6. The Leafbed Comes into Mind - 2011-03-18 15:00:25-04
    Japan has been feeling the effects of the triple whammy that hit them (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear issues) and surely, we know how hard it would be to make the necessary adjustments in order to live right. The Leafbed should be something worthy to check out. Apparently this is one bedding solution that makes use of familiar boxes or cardboards to render aid to the ones who need sleep. The Leafbed, Humanitech's 2010 first prize winner for innovation in humanitarian emergency situations, may be a no-brainer but it does serve its purpose. If you were found to be on the same footing as the devastation to hit Japan, having a Leafbed could be more of a luxury rather than an option. Read The Leafbed Comes into Mind
  7. Favo Curve Stone Tiles By Lithos - 2011-03-18 16:53:24-04
    If you are planning to spruce up your home then one way to go is to invest in 3D tiles. Currently I am really crushing on the Favo Curve Stone Tiles by Lithos which can be used in the bathroom, the living room or even the bedroom, depending on your preferences. The textured tiles emit a honeycomb effect which is a result of all the hexagons. Via Bathroom Designed Favo Curve Stone Tiles By Lithos
  8. The American Modern Bed - 2011-03-18 19:55:39-04
    At the Design Within Reach website, a number of products and furniture pieces are on sale and the American Modern Collection caught my attention. Designed by DWR Design Studio, the American Modern Bed has been crafted out of FSC-certified wood and it also features a canted headboard that's mounted on metal brackets to provide some "give," and a short footboard (about 2″) that keeps the mattress in place. Head over here to know all the details pertaining to the discounts. The American Modern Bed
  9. Modern Chairs and Stools by Michael Stolworthy - 2011-03-18 22:00:30-04
    Here are some more unique looking chairs you can consider placing in your home. They are simply called the Modern Chairs and Stools designed by Michael Stolworthy, elegant and organic for people seeking suggested chair designs that offer utter rest. Aside from resting, they can be great aids to help you reflect a bit whether it be inside or outside your pad. Contemplative pieces like dripping tar that welcome a new attitude in home decor. Read Modern Chairs and Stools by Michael Stolworthy
  10. The Horn iPod Dock - 2011-03-18 23:56:56-04
    On a lookout for a sleek and sexy dock for your iPod or iPhone? Then the Horn iPod Dock shouldn’t disappoint since its a beautiful amalgamation of form and function. Designed by Shi-Hyung Jeon, a Korean architect, the Horn Dock features four speakers which are hidden between the layers of the dock. The layers also ensure that the sounds don’t spread outside and one gets to hear diffraction free music. The Horn iPod Dock
  11. The Illuminated Door Lock - 2011-03-19 15:21:40-04
    At times, you may find yourself in dark places of your home. Especially for people who get up and probably want to grab something to eat, here is an alternative for you so that you can find the door easily. It is called the Illuminated Door Lock, something from designer Fedor Porshnev. The Iskra concept basically consists of a door lock that is backlit, making it easier for you to use it. This should be a clever walk-around for an inevitable problem, the illuminated lock might just attract thieves and help make their work a bit easier though. Read The Illuminated Door Lock
  12. The SHY Light's Design - 2011-03-19 21:22:20-04
    We have seen some odd-looking lighting solutions to date but the SHY Light is perhaps one of the weirdest. Though it does serve its purpose of providing illumination and lighting, it could be a great alternative to those classy but expensive chandeliers you see in homes. The SHY Light is made from several conjoined LED tubes and rods, forming a large geometric piece. The light can be suspended in the air or it can be used as a simple floor lamp. The SHY Light has a minimalist design but its inspiration and unconventional form truly sets itself apart from other designer lights. Read The SHY Light’s Design
  13. L.OOD Lamp - 2011-03-20 16:40:40-04
    Here is another unique lighting solution you may find handy in the home. It is the L.OOD lamp, a pedestal lamp concept on creating open forms and functions from a single refined object. The lamp was actually made possible through the use of recycled stuff like lampshades, glass vases, pots, candy dishes and fruit trays. Apparently the L.OOD lamp has some eco-friendly intentions tied to it. But you will agree that the concept does make sense and is certainly something cool to have in your pad. Read L.OOD Lamp
  14. The Booiai Chair by Mateusz Chmura - 2011-03-20 22:40:47-04
    It looks like an overgrown egg but the Booiai Chair is actually a modernly designed rocker that should come in handy for people who want to rest easy when their time permits. The design for the Booiai Chair was inspired by the concept art of Luiza Kwiatkowska. In all, the chair looks like a half-broken eggshell that could pass for a space-aged looking furnishing. The overall shape is contemporary and organic, giving the piece the air of a calming sit-in sanctuary. It certainly looks tempting and inviting and hopefully somebody picks up the tab and actually manufactures one of these. Read The Booiai Chair by Mateusz Chmura
  15. Axis Leather 3-Seat Queen Sleeper - 2011-03-21 12:20:08-04
    Next time you have guests staying over, ensure that they are are comfortable. The Axis Leather 3-Seat Queen Sleeper with its plush leather and sleeper mechanism features is just perfect. Sophisticated, stylish and functional, the sofa sleeper  is upholstered in deep espresso full-grain leather and features wide track arms and plump back cushions. Available at Crate & Barrel for $3,199.00, the sofa bed also boasts of an eco-friendly construction. Features: Certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frame Seat cushions are multilayer soy- or plant-based polyfoam wrapped in fiber-down blend and encased in downproof ticking Back cushions are fiber-down encased in downproof ticking 5.5″ innerspring mattress with quilted top pad Axis sleeper sofas open to a depth of 95.75″ Synthetic webbing suspension Upholstered in full grain, aniline-dyed leather with topstitching Hickory-stained hardwood legs Benchmade in USA Axis Leather 3-Seat Queen Sleeper
  16. Traditional Styled Vignette Bed - 2011-03-21 13:26:27-04
    Thanks to the old world styling of the Vignette Bed, it looks like more of a family heirloom than a modern day picked. The traditional styling is no coincidence since the bed has been designed to be handed down generations. Made in the USA, the bed’s highlight is its hand poured metal castings and antique distressed white finish. The Vignette Bed can be purchased from The Land Of Nod from here. Traditional Styled Vignette Bed
  17. The Ciconia Light Lamp - 2011-03-21 15:14:44-04
    Here is another odd-looking lamp for you. Looking more like a stork delivering a baby, the Ciconia is an artful lighting creation from designer Rainer Bachschmid. It is made from two symmetrical segments that bear a reflective stainless steel strip opposite thirty LEDs. The LEDS are encased within an aluminum powder-coated body that very much resembles a beak. This minimalist light sculpture will grace any space with luminous elegance. Read The Ciconia Light Lamp
  18. Avery Orange Bed Linen Set - 2011-03-21 16:22:09-04
    Add a splash of color in your bedroom with the vibrant and striking Avery Orange Bed Linen Set. Apart from increasing the style quotient of your home decor, the Orange ribbed matelasse bedding is the perfect lightweight layer for warmer weather. Made of 100% cotton, the linen set has a 380 gram weight and the bedspread has  1″ hems where as the shams have 1″ flanges with generous flap closures. Prices vary according to sizes and you can order it online from Crate and Barrel. Avery Orange Bed Linen Set
  19. The Filo Sofa By Barber and Osgerby - 2011-03-21 19:23:51-04
    The Filo Sofa by Barber and Osgerby is fun, funky and oh so functional. This quirkily designer over-sizes sofa is the perfect device to sink in after a hard days work. Inspired from a Filo pastry, the sofa’s framework has been  handcrafted from solid oak and the use of  different coloured layers is just brilliant.Produced by manufacturer Cappellini, the sofa makes quite an impact. The Filo Sofa By Barber and Osgerby
  20. Tree Hangers - 2011-03-21 20:25:15-04
    Add a touch of glamour in your wardrobe by getting the Tree Hangers. Designed by Jhih-Jie Liou and Wei-Lun Wang, these green colored hangers not only hang your clothes beautifully but also facilitates easy air drying since the  geometric cutouts help in enhancing the airflow. It also features extra width and the innovative design makes it ideal for flat dying before clothes are hung. Via Bathroom Designed Tree Hangers

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